Freelance Projects:

" American Federation of Musicians Local 72-147 9/03 - 9/05. Created custom PERL/CGI script and created templates for new pages. Added Memebers area using PHP and mySQL database to allow searchng for union members.

" Aetna Retirees Association 9/04, Responsible for all design (HTML/CSS, PERL)

" Allison Guitars Summer 2004. Custom design using HTML/CSS, PERL and Flash animation.

" Artist, Mamadou Diabate Fall 2003 -- ongoing. Responsible for all design and updates. Site incorporates HTML/CSS, Perl and audio editing for Mp3s file encoding.

"Jakes Lawncare Complete rebuild of the original web site, and added a 'guest book' and contact pages. Wrote custom PERL scripts for the contact page and 'guest book' implemented using a mySQL Database.

" Prissy Totes Summer 2003 Responsible for all custom programming, used Javascript and PERL. Designed the site using HTML/CSS. Also created the graphic banner.

" Kanzaki Specialty Papers USA 2/2002 Built pages based on the Flash animation provided by Digital Marketing Creations. Responsible for all HTML/CSS.

" Full Spectrum Kayak Tours 1/2002 Site re-design, all HTML/CSS coding, Javascript, all graphic production work (except the FST logo).

" Connecticut Public TV, Nook Farm Project 1/2002, Site design, all HTML/CSS coding, Javascript, audio editing and Mp3 encoding.

" Afropop Worldwide 11/2000 - 2/2001 Site design, created graphical concept for all inner pages.

" Wildest Dreams 3/2000 Complete site redesign. Sound editing and Mp3 encoding.

" ZD Events 9/99 - 10/99 HTML coding using Dreamweaver.

" New Vantage (NVI) - 7/99 HTML coding, Web page comps & design.

" One to One Interactive - 2/99 HTML coding.

" HarvardNet -1/99 HTML coding and graphics.

" Miter Corpation -11/98 HTML coding and graphics.

" IXL / Spinners -10/98 HTML coding.

" MediaStart View examples of art work done for this media planing company in NYC.

" Banning Eyre who does a world music feature on NPR's "All Things Considered," now has a web site to publicize his new book. 5/2000 Site design, Javascript coding.

" Akamai Integrating HTML and CSS for an internal help desk during the first quarter of 2000. Tools used included Homesite.

" Staples Production work in FrontPage and Photoshop. View some examples of graphics created during March of 2000.

" Annual Report for Forrester Research, Inc. (NASDAQ: FORR); a leading provider of strategic research services. (Some links have not been implemented at this time)

" Education Place Houghton Mifflin Inc. Created gifs from master art work, using web safe pallet.

" Spector Travel of Boston This site features forms, tables, and GIF 89a animations.

" Cora Connection I manage all aspects of this site, content and all HTML/Graphics and CGI code. Special enhancements for this site inclue client-side Javascript order form and email log via CGI/PERL

Web projects I worked on at Drive, Inc.
" Harvard Square This site created for the Harvard Square Business Association features image maps, merchants newsletter and an events calendar.

" Harvard Book store I worked mainly doing HTML (custom programming for on-line ordering was done by Drive, Inc.)

" Latino Health Institute GIF 89a animation and graphics

" Pilot Avionics Retouching of product scans, updating pages and creating clickable US Map.

" Landings is one of the largest sites devoted to aviation. Responsibilities included HTML (page updates) and creating graphical images/ of airplanes. Check out the credits!

" GA News & Flyer (Click on 'News' in the menu-bar) This aviation newspaper is now published on the web. I did the conversion from MS Word to HTML and optimized the images/ in "Of Wings & Things."

" PANELYTE® This was the online catalog for PANELYTE® an international company with headquaters in Israel. I created graphics and the type effect for their logo and worked on the pages, doing HTML. Currently this site if off-line.