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Early History

Electronics and music have always been major interests. In my high school days in the mid '70s I would scan the 'FM dial' and hear the ethnic music. Later during college, I started listening to African music via shortwave radio. At the same time I had a continuing interest in electronic music. A local music store had a ARP 2600 in their teaching studio. I would visit often after high school to use their synth. However my folks bought me a Moog system 15 during my senior year in high school.

From 1976 - 1980 I attended Berklee College of Music, graduating with a diploma in performance, (with piano as my principle instrument). During the first year I would frequent the electronic music lab and used their ARPs and Revox 2 track machines. At that time there was no such things as electronic music major and since The Boston School for Electronic Music was not accredited, I ended up at Berklee.

After college, I played 'multi-keys' in several bands and did session work as a synth programmer. I grew tired of playing 'top 40' and my interest shifted to the kora around '84. During this time I could be found playing my kora in Harvard Square and around Boston and eventually New York City. My days as a 'street performer' subsided with the beginning of the Dot Com 'gold rush', late 1995. Here are some Mp3s from my musical past. Please enjoy them and share your comments with me. (Be sure to visit my current Band page to see what I am up to these days.)


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Recent Sessions

GarageBand Demos

Dub Kora w/'Kalimbass'

These two demo tracks were created with Tom Spicer on 'kalimbass.'
These two tracks are here for evaluation only, please email me to license this music.

TimeFactor Demos

Hear some short samples of TimeFactor pedal doing some cool DSP. Please note that the Kora w/ Loop Freeze improv, was run thru Logic for some extra reverb and a touch of chorus near the end, and 'Infinite Loop + Choir' has Space Designer 'verb added as well, enjoy.

Moog Music's MuRF Demos

Here are some short examples of kora w/ the Moog MuRf filter pedal.

Tracks from Ancestral Voices

Released originally in spring of '90, Ancestral Voices has just been reissued. Featured on nationally syndicated radio shows including Hearts of Space, Musical Starstreams, Echoes, Totally Wired, and New Sounds (WNYC-FM) and others.

 Ancestral Voices CD cover
Island Journey David Gilden: kora & PPG Wave 2.2, Jimmy Earl: fretless bass.
Dragonfly Dream Dave Gilden: keyboards, Steve Gorn: bansuri bamboo flute, Ray Spiegel: tabla drums, and Jimmy Earl: fretless bass.
Ancestral Voices Gilden: mbira dza vadizmu (Zimbabwen thumb piano), PPG Wave 2.2, Oberheim, and Kurzweil synthesizers.
 new electronica sound-track Harmonic Vista (track from Ancestral Voices)

Check out the music video Island Journey (track one on Ancestral Voices), created by Abby Digital, using the Fairlight CVI. 'Island Journey' aired on VH1 for a short period of time in the late '80s!.

Solo kora tracks

These tracks are from my 1986 Distant Strings release:

David Gilden appears on Gabrielle Roth & the mirrors recordings: Ritual (kora overdub on Cloud Mountain) and Waves (PPG overdub on Spirit).

Production Music circa 1995

The following tracks were recorded at my home studio direct to DAT around 90 - 94 if my memory is correct! The majority of these track are all original compositions except where noted. An Atari Mega ST running "Dr. T" MIDI music software was used originally to create the MIDI files. The home studio has grown over time; the latest addition is Emagic's Logic Audio 6 Platinum running on a G4 (Quick Silver -- dual 1GHz). The current studio arsenal includes:

Audition the tracks:

Production Music circa 1990

The following tracks were recorded during late eighties at the University of Massachusetts, Boston campus. In 1990 these along with other tracks were released on the "Zeds Music Production Music Library." With exception Scarlatti, I improvised and or sequenced these tracks to tape. On the 'Lets Go remix' I added a few passes of Memory Moog being modulated via the Minidoc. Here is a partial run down of what we had in the studio back in those days:

Audition the tracks:

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