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Developing an effective web site requires a range of diverse talents.

Originally working as an independent recording artist in the electronic music genre, David Gilden has been widely recognized by the music press for his unique creativity. Marketing his music required learning aspects of advertising such as copy writing and graphic design and set things in motion for what was coming next.

After seeing a presentation by a internet start-up offering artists an inexpensive web presence in 1995. Gilden made a personal commitment to work with this new technology. After returning from a vacation in West Africa in 1996, Gilden put Cora Connection online. The required skills to create this web site were learned while working at Drive Inc. which maintains

Gilden has experience in HTML markup, programming, visual design and animation. His skills were honed during the Dot Com 'Gold Rush' while working for agencies like The Creative Group, MacTemps, Portfolio, and while working on private and personal projects. Having successfully finished projects using. mySql, PERL and PHP; Gilden is now coding in C# & VB .Net with Visual Studio and SQL Server!


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