Travel to West Africa with Roots of the Blues
 Travel to West Africa with Roots of the Blues

Alhaji Sait Camara playing the halam

The Roots of the Blues, An African Search

by American Author & Musicologist
Samuel Charters

Paperback, 151 pages
Published 1981

American author and musicologist Charters sets out on an adventure's in the Gambia. Hoping to find the link to American Blues, he discovers something quite different. This book is not a comprehensive scholarly work, such as Eric Charry's book "Mande Music," Instead it is more of a travelog. Join the author on his long excursion overland from Banjul upriver in to the Gambian 'provinces,' up to Dakar, Senegal, to join the Bamako-Dakar International Express train, and then down the West African coast via boat for a stop in Freetown. As you travel with Charters, you discover the music of the griots and many stories of West Africa.

I originally read Roots of the Blues back in early eighties before my first trip to The Gambia in 1989. Recently reading this book a second time has brought back many memories.

Highly recommended!
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