photo of compact disc and cassette Finding good recordings of West African music is not easy. Big city record stores may carry lots of titles, but it's hard to evaluate them, and sales people rarely know that much about African music. You can find new and old African music on the web, but again, what to buy? As many have found out the hard way, the quality of today's world music offerings varies widely, both in terms of music and production values. So what can you do if you can't find the music you want?

Here's the answer... Cora Connection features recordings that we consider to be exceptional. Throughout our catalog and this web site are links that you can follow to learn more about the artist and their music.

How to order music from Cora Connection

To use this order form, simply click the "Order" checkbox of the recording you wish to order and enter the number of copies if more then one in the "Quantity" box. You can click "CheckOut" to see your order at anytime and then return to the top of this page to see if there is anything you might have missed. When you are finished selecting your music choices, fill in your name and email address.

You can review your order by clicking the "Show Order" button. You can add or delete recordings or change the quantity ordered at anytime. When you are ready to send in the order click "Send Order." Clicking "Clear Order" will clear out the form and let you start over.
If the order form does not appear to be working, make sure that JavaScript is enabled (it is by default).

The total price displayed does not include shipping, so please read the important information at the bottom of this page. At your request we can ship via UPS. We send via airmail for orders outside of U.S.

You can now pay for your order with PayPal. We now accept credit cards via PayPal, email for details. International customers take note!

If you have any questions or looking something not listed please let us know.

Thanks for your interest and support
David Gilden & Cora Connection

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