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Featuring hand picked West African recordings

Introducing the reto sounds of 'Golden Afrique'

It was the most exciting period of recent African history. From the late 1950s onwards, one African country after another gained independence.

Golden Afrique features tracks that were first heard on vinyl LP. These were the hot electric bands of the 70s, old school style. Vol.1 features mostly Manding with a few Senegalese tracks. Vol.2 features tracks from the golden era (1956-1982) of great African Soukous music & Vol.3 features rare musicial gems from South Africa

Golden Afrique Vol.1 double CD set German import

Independence had its own literature and its own soundtrack. It was the dawning of the golden age of African pop music. In the 1970s and early 1980s, local traditions, modern western styles and instruments combined to create an exciting new sound that expressed the euphoria and pride of a newfound freedom. The Golden Afrique series dives into this vast musical ocean of and comes up with its finest, rarest pearls.

Golden Afrique Vol.1 opens with music from Guinea, Mali, Guinea-Bissau, The Gambia, Ivory Coast, Chad and Senegal – many of the tracks are available in CD format for the very first time. Youssou N’Dour takes his first tentative steps, creating the Senegal's smoking hot 'mbalax' sound that laters spread around the world, Malian Salif Keita raises his golden voice, Baobab de Dakar and Bembeya Jazz National from Guinea Conakry electrify the old school big band sound, and taking it soaring to new heights, the Super Eagles of The Gambia sing of African unity, the Amazones de Guinea form the first all-woman big band line-up, South African Miriam Makeba sings in her own language from her Guinean exile, Super Mama Djombo have to fly from Guinea to Moscow to make their groundbreaking recordings, Maitre Gazonga from Chad has a huge hit and disappears...

From Afrocuban styles to local rhythms, soul and blues influences, Golden Afrique is an exhilarating journey through the musical history of Africa. Listen to the music and close your eyes, your in Africa!. This double CD set with 2 ½ hours playing time is a vintage collection of danceable music and is further enhanced with highly detailed booklet with photos of original LP covers (over 18 pages pages of text, not your typical CD booklet!).

Golden Afrique Vol 1 contains the following Manding musical gems....(and others!)
 CD Cover: Golden Afrique Vol 1
Golden Afrique Vol.1
Double Compact Disc Box Set $34.00
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Disc One: Total playing time: 70:00
  1. Maitre Gazonga: Les jaloux saboteurs 8:27
  2. Bébé Manga: Amie 7:05
  3. Amadou Balaké: Taximen 7:41
  4. Ernesto DjéDjé: Ziboté 5:47
  5. De mi amor: Lonlon Nyeku 5:51
  6. Sory Bamba du Mali: Dis-moi la vérité 6:09
  7. Ousmane Kouyaté: Beni Haminanko 8:48
  8. Ambassadeurs du Motel: Bolola Sanou 4:55
  9. Rail Band: Rail Band 6:28
  10. Ambassadeurs International: N’toman 8:30
Disc Two: Total playing time: 74:10
  1. Super Mama Djombo: Dissan Na M’bera 5:12
  2. No.1 de Dakar: Yaye Boye 5:12
  3. Étoile de Dakar: Mane Kouma Xol 4:49
  4. Étoile de Dakar: Thiely 4:07
  5. Orchestra Baobab: Autorail 6:58
  6. Idy Diop: Yaye Boye 4.55
  7. Guelewar Band of Banjul : Warteef Jiggeen 6:49
  8. Super Eagles: Aliou Gori-Mami 2:36
  9. Super Eagles: Gambia/Zambia 3:28
  10. Balla et ses balladins: Paulette 7:39
  11. Miriam Makeba: Malouyame 3:35
  12. Orchestre de la Paillotte: Kadia Blues 4:43
  13. Amazones de Guinee: Samba 4:53
  14. Bembeya Jazz National: Tentemba 8:49

Golden Afrique Vol.2 double CD set

The second volume dedicated entirely to Congolese dance music. The very finest of performers chart the history of Central African guitar music from African Rumba to the early forms of Soukous music. This is the popular dance music that has conquered all of Africa, even toppling Highlife from its throne as the pan-African party sound. From the beginnings of the outstanding Ngoma label to Kabasele’s “Indépendance Cha Cha Cha” – a 1960s single that set the whole of Africa dancing – and featuring an early recording by Manu Dibango, the ports of call on this musical journey are the sounds of the great and the good: Tabu Ley Rochereau, Franco, a musical heavyweight whose death was mourned across an entire continent, Sam Mangwana, who continues to roll back the boundaries in his indefatigable quest for new sounds and combinations, Dr. Nico, known simply as the “god of guitar”, Nyboma, whose productions even had West Africans dancing to the sounds of Congolese Soukous. A true treasure trove of rare recordings, including excellent songs from less well know artists, some who are heard on this double CD set for the very first time!

Golden Afrique Vol 2 contains the following Congolese Soukous treasures....
Disc One: Total playing time: 73:33
  1. Franco Sam Mangwana - Cooperation
  2. Nyboma - Doublé - Doublé
  3. J. Kavasele - Africa Mikili
  4. J. Kavasele - Independent Cha cha
  5. Franco O. K. Jazz C. Fe. - Saluwangi
  6. Franco Sam Mangwana - Vamos para
  7. Bantous de la capitale - Machette
  8. Franco 56 - 57 - Lina
  9. Franco 56 - 57 - Tscha Tscha de mi Amor
  10. Dr. Nico - Exhibition dechaud
  11. Dr. Nico - Pauline
  12. Tiers Monde Coop - Bawayo
Disc Two: Total playing time: 74:04
  1. Fan Fan - Pele Odidja
  2. Ry-Co Jazz - Mabo Ry-Co
  3. Ngoma 48-60 - Camille Feruzi - Cha Cha Bay
  4. Ngoma 48-60 Leon Bukasa - Bib Yangu
  5. Mpongo Love - Ndaya
  6. Le Likembé Geant - Bika Nzanga
  7. Rocheraru Sammangwana - Como Bacalao
  8. Tabu Ley - Mazé
  9. Ngoma Souven. Manu Dibangu - Ekedy
  10. Ngoma - Mu Nzila
  11. Nyboma - Mami yo
  12. Taby Ley - Aon-Aon
  13. Feruzi - Kahagwe
  14. Lucie Eyenga - Yaka Mama
  15. M D'Oliveira - Basi Banos tapale
 CD Cover: Golden Afrique Vol 2
Golden Afrique Vol.2
Double Compact Disc Box Set $34.00
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Golden Afrique Vol.3 (1939-1988) double CD set German import

Many of the artists on this album were influenced by Black American jazz, gospel funk and soul. Our journey begins with “Mbube” in the style of Zulu vocal music. Leading off Golden Afrique Vol. 3 is the original version of the famous “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”, a prime example of the unpaid exploitation of Black South African music by the western pop industry over a period of 60 years. (Before this compilation I never knew or heard the original track!). Other highlights include the famous Ladysmith Black Mambazo choir performing an early hit. The lively, rhythmic jive of the townships is represented here by West Nkosi, Sipho Mabuse and the early Mahotella Queens. Soulful performance with the young Miriam Makeba and featuring the Soul Brothers. Some musicians working in exile at this time included Hugh Masekela and Johnny Dyani. The music of Zimbabwe is inspired by the sound of the mbira, a traditional instrument echoed directly in the guitar cascades of The Four Brothers and Hallelujah Chicken Run. We also hear rhumbira and jit, rooted in Congolese rumba. From the copper belt of Zambia comes a more Central African dance sound, represented here by the Masasu Band, The Big Gold Six and Smokey Hangala. This exciting compilation includes many rare tracks never previously released on CD. Golden Afrique Vol 3. is a welcome addition to any world music archive, with it's oversized booklet and fantastic photos. View the original LP covers used for Golden Afrique Vol. 3.

A sonic journey of two hours and twenty minutes through South African's reto roots music awaits!

Golden Afrique Vol 3. contains the following South African rare gems....
CD Cover: Golden Afrique Vol. 3
Golden Afrique Vol.3
Double Compact Disc Box Set $34.00
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Disc One:
  1. Mbube - Solomon Linda's Original Evening Birds
  2. Hello My Baby - Ladysmith Black Mambazo
  3. Bakhuzeni - Abagqomi
  4. Musandinene - Kachamba, Donald
  5. Sum'bulala - Fassie, Brenda
  6. Dubaduba - West Nkosi
  7. Langa More - Dark City Sisters
  8. Solo Jump - Specks Rampura
  9. Jive Soweto - Sipho Mabuse
  10. Thina Siyakhanyisa - Mahotella Queens
  11. Midnight Ska - Reggie Msomi's Hollywood Jazz Band
  12. Umona - Mahlathini
  13. Bayeza - Soul Brothers (2)
  14. African Convention - Makeba, Miriam
  15. Hloste - Mparanyana & The Cannibals
  16. Akabongi - Soul Brothers (2)
  17. Mahlalela - Masekela, Hugh & Letha Mbulu
  18. Mra - McGregor, Chris & South Africa Exile's Thunderbolt
Disc: 2
  1. Black September - Master Chivero
  2. Guhwa Uri Mwana Waani - Four Brothers (2)
  3. Mwana Wamai Dada Naya - Hallelujah Chicken Run Band
  4. Mandinyadzisa - Ngwena, Devera
  5. Take Cover - Jairos Jiri Kwela Band
  6. Rwamangwana - Mtukudzi, Oliver
  7. Gukura Hundi - Madzikatire, Elijah
  8. Frist Aid - Madzikatire, Safirio
  9. Kitty's Blues - Rathebe, Dolly
  10. Vakubwa Wainchi - Kassongo Band
  11. Uwaume Wa Bufuba - Masasu Band
  12. Copper Ebuboni - Big Gold Six
  13. Chuma Chivuta - Nashil Pitchen Kazembe
  14. Ba Kuluna - Haangala, Smokey
  15. Charity - Nyirongo, John & Joice
  16. Chenda Mundeke - Oliya Band

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