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A typical Cora Connection presentation includes the following:

  1. Introduction to the geographical region and its culture.
  2. Discussion of the construction and tuning the kora.
  3. Traditional kora solo piece.
  4. A musical selection featuring modern, African-style guitar.
  5. Duet peformance with kora and guitar.
  6. An interactive lesson on how rhythms move from Africa to the New World.
  7. Multi-media slide show with performers personal field recording.
  8. Analysis of typical African diatonic chord progressions. (For musician audiences.)
  9. Audience questions.

  Depending on the size and age of the audience, elements of the presentation can be extended or omitted. The program can work for audiences from elementary school through university. Often Cora Connection begins a school visit with an assembly presentation to a large group, and then follows up with intimate classroom visits.
  Photo of Cora Connections David Gilden & Banning Eyre

Presenters Bios

Bullet David Gilden: Kora  Bullet Banning Eyre: Guitar

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Cora Connection is now based in Ft. Worth Texas!

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