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Banning's new book "In Griot Time" is now available, visit his web site for more information.


Banning Eyre graduated from Wesleyan University, a major center for ethnomusicology, in 1980. A guitarist since his high school days, Eyre now studies and plays African guitar styles. In addition to his work with Cora Connection, he has played in a series of Boston-based Zairean soukous bands: Rumbafrica, Kolo Mboka and now, Jambo Blaster, and Sankai.

During his visits to Zimbabwe and also in the United States, Eyre has been invited to sit in with pioneering "chimurenga" singer Thomas Mapfumo, the "Lion of Zimbabwe", and his band Blacks Unlimited.

In the fall of '95, Eyre returned to Bamako, Mali for seven months of study with guitarists there, principally Djelimady Tounkara, lead guitarist for the legendary Super Rail Band. Eyre also writes about world music for The Boston Phoenix, Rhythm Music Magazine, Option, Guitar Player, Billboard and other publications. He reviews African music releases for National Public Radio's All Things Considered  and has produced programs for NPR's Afropop Worldwide. Along with Afropop Worldwide  producer Sean Barlow, Eyre has co-authored AFROPOP! An Illustrated Guide to Contemporary African Music.

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